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Those heels!!!

The first of our houndstooth items is in stock, and we’re proud to introduce the Ethel Houndstooth Swing Dress! Featuring flattering half sleeves, a generous pleated skirt and elegant neckline with marbled buttons; this dress is both demure and eye-catching.
Fully lined for your comfort, the Ethel deserves to be pride of place in your winter wardrobe!
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Teenage boys soaking up some rays,  1952
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You know it takes time for you to be single to realize some truths about yourself and mistakes you keep making.
I am a modern feminist and my feminism may be different from yours. I like being independent and paying my own way but I also like feeling like a lady, and to me it means something very specific and may not mean the same to you as it does me. (That is what is cool about feminism, it’s not a box and it is not black and white.)
I haven’t been on a legit date in 4 years. No really, 4 years. Where a guy plans a date, you dress up, he gets you flowers and pays. I have always had to plan everything and pay. I know I put myself in those situations dating guys who don’t have their shit together and trying to make it “work”. I know I have gotten use to thinking, we’ll this is as good as I can get I guess. Well at least he seems nice. At least he is nice to me, until that goes away and then you have no reason to stay.
Not anymore ladies.
I believe there is someone out there that thinks I am special enough to actually try. To act like a gentleman, to make a real effort and sweep me off my feet for once.
No more settling ever again, seriously we all need to stop doing this. Stop making excuses to why he isn’t doing what you think you deserve. Stop making excuses to why he is not treating you how you think you deserve. Have higher expectations, set the bar and the standard and don’t falter from it, for anyone.
Stop being scared to be alone, PLEASE stop thinking you are going to die alone. Seriously how the hell did this even get engraved into our minds.  If he doesn’t try to give you the moon and the stars, then move the fuck on.
If they don’t make a real effort, they aren’t that in to you, and he is just wasting your time. Be okay with that, don’t try to force someone to like you more or care about you more, shrug it off and move forward. Their loss right? Right. Don’t let it get to you, because it was and will never have worked.
Stay single, don’t settle and if you find yourself in these kinds of realtionships I was in, LEAVE and NEVER LOOKING BACK. ♡ #expectmore #standardsmatter #realtalk

Vanessa Frankenstein

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